I’ve just realised it’s Sunday again and time to put up my weekly instagram delights!  The school holidays have sent my time keeping round the twist, and without our usual strict routine I have no idea what day I’m on at the moment.  It’s actually rather refreshing and far less stressful – but I guess that’s the whole point of holidays right??

We’ve spent most of the week at the beach – trying to cool off.  The current heatwave across Australia seems to have swallowed Sydney up whole (well by my standards anyway) and last week was absolutely sweltering.  On Tuesday temperatures reached into the mid-forties (Celsius)!  Every time I walked outside it felt like I was being hit in the face by a giant wall of heat.  The newly fitted air conditioning in our bedroom is my new best BEST friend.

A beautiful early evening swim!

Gotta love summer holidays.  There is no other time of the year that you can walk down to the beach just before bedtime for a quick dip!

Absolutely zonked!!!  It’s hard work watching my big brother and sister jumping the waves.
Testing out his new ‘Heelys’ on the boulevard.  He spent quite a bit of time on his bum but eventually mastered the knack of it!!
Sitting in the water is the only way to keep cool
A little bit of me time!

I love that we live right across the road from the beach.  It means that I can nip over for a sneaky half hour swim ALL BY MYSELF when Mr D is home to watch the kids.  It’s absolutely heavenly!!

My little lunch date
Waiting for the bus

On the HOTTEST day of the summer so far (the 47 degree day that I mentioned earlier) I managed to lock us all out of the house (with the car keys in the house too).  Just walking from the front door to the car had me almost melting into a pool of sweat!  This is what you could call one of my “blonder” moments!  I haven’t had one for a while (not since I was pregnant with Miss L), so I guess it was a bit over due!!  I couldn’t even ring Mr D and shout at him, as there was absolutely no one to blame but me.  Don’t you hate that???  Anyway, with no one able to open up for us until Mr D got home from work, we had no option but to get the bus.  We headed to the mall to watch a movie, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it was the coolest place to be!!

Look what my big sis gave me when mummy wasn’t looking!!  Mmmmmm……….chocolate!
1st photo taken with my New iphone5!
Master J showing me his ‘tricks’
A morning at the rock pools.  I just LOVE how my two little ladies are starting to play with each other – super cute!!

Two more weeks of school holidays to go.  What is everyone up to??

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