As it’s Wednesday today I thought I’d share some of the photos I took at the Problogger conference I attended last weekend.   Problogger 2014 photo 25 Problogger 2014 photo 23 Problogger 2014 photo 26 Problogger 2014 photo 26 Pro Blogger 2014 photo 17 ProBlogger conference 2014 photo 1 Pro Blogger 2014 photo 2 Pro Blogger 2014 photo 7 Pro Blogger 2014 photo 8 Pro Blogger 2014 photo 10 Pro Blogger 2014 photo 12 Pro Blogger 2014 photo 19 Pro Blogger 2014 photo 13 Pro Blogger 2014 photo 4 Problogger 2014 photo 24 Pro Blogger 2014 photo 27 Pro Blogger 2014 photo 6 Problogger Gold Coast photos 1 Pro Blogger 2014 photo 28 Problogger 2014 photo 21


A bit of a random selection there.  Some were taken with my Canon and some on my iphone, but they’re all memories to keep.

Did you go to Problogger this year??  Did you enjoy it??

I loved the conference and equally the time to myself.  I missed my babies but nothing beats walking along the beach at sunset ALL BY MYSELF.

What do you do to de-stress??

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21 comments on “Problogger 2014 through my lens for Wordless Wednesday”

  1. A great selection of photos and love that they aren’t all about the conference… I missed getting my book signed, I really loved Matthew he was very inspirational and I can’t wait to read his book! Ha ha love all that food on my plate x

  2. Gorgeous photo’s Robyn! I watched it all unfold from my sick bed – via Instagram and Twitter and admit to being a tad envious. Time away from home, hubby and kids is good for the soul – even though you might miss them 😉

    • Sorry to hear you weren’t well!! And you are so right, as much as I adore them, time away is priceless xx

    • Phew, me too. So much to do and so little time!! How was your Queensland adventure – looking forward to hearing about it x

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