I love my iphone!  I actually don’t know what I would do without it.  Mr D thinks it’s wasted on me as I don’t use it anywhere near to it’s full potential!  I do think I’m a little bit behind when it comes to technology, especially on the social media side.  I mean,  I’ve only JUST got myself a twitter account!!   I think if I admitted that to the teenagers of today they’d think I used to live with the dinosaurs – and I’m only in my 30’s!!!!!  (you can follow me on https://twitter.com/MrsDandCandybow).

The things I love most about my iphone is the camera and my instagram app.  I love that I can can take photos of anything, anytime, anywhere!!  Then with the click of a button, Instagram can transform them into something really cool.  It’s the perfect app for someone like me who LOVES photography but will never be a photographer!

My week in pictures!  Love Instagram!
Best friends (well, most of the time anyway)
Three in the bed!
Shopaholic!  Now where coud she possible get that from??
In the bumbo at last!!  And ALWAYS smiling
Outdoor fitness!  Those stairs are ABSOLUTE torture, but LOOK. AT. THE. VIEW!!!!  I even managed to get Master J to join me for some early morning boxing!!
Boys will be boys!
Making chocolate crispy crackles to take to the boys’ after school.  That’s why we LOVE little sisters!
One of the many spectacular walks I do with little Miss L when it’s just the two of us – special times x

Me and my littlest
Grandpa Cockatoo.  He sits outside our house every day.  Mr D wonders how he flies with so few feathers!!

Some other apps I like using to play around with my photos are ‘Snapseed’, Halftone, Picframe Pro, and Tweegram.  
If you know of any that I may love then please let me know.

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