I can’t believe it’s Saturday already and I’m back to my ‘love Instagram’ week of pictures.  This week has been the second week of the school holidays and as you all know, we drove up to the Central Coast for a little mini holiday.  It really has been fabulous to take a break from routine and just see where the days take us.  I wish I did that more often instead of waiting for a planned holiday to just kick back and relax.
Tomorrow is Day Light Saving in NSW where our clocks ‘spring’ forward an hour ready for the summer (YAY), however I’ve been working on that time all day today as I have completely got my days wrong!  Now that must a sign of a good holiday (either that or I’m going slightly mad).
So here they are….. my week in pictures.  Love Instagram
I’m sure I have this exact picture with every one of my babies!!
Last weekend at home, we popped out for dinner on the beachfront.  A treat to stay out past bedtime – (only in the school holidays.)
On the walk home after dinner we watched the most amazing full moon rise above the ocean.  A stark reminder of how lucky we are to live where we do.
Me and Miss H, having just arrived in Hawkes Nest for a few days of R & R
Miss L just taking it all in.
Beach Life!
Beautiful sisters.  One of my most favourite photos taken on my phone – thanks Apple!
Boys will be boys!
Three is most definitely NOT a crowd
Mr D chilling
A flower for mummy xxxxx
Sleeping angels x
dB5 (and yes, Mr D does have green teeth)
Cruising on an old fashioned, wooden ferry boat from Tea Gardens to Nelsons Bay.  Dolphin watching at its best
lolly pop lolly pop ooooh lolly lolly pop!

If you don’t already have an instagram account, you really should get one!  They are so much fun to use and you can link your pictures up to facebook and twitter in the click of a button.  You can find and follow me there at mrs_d_and_candybow.

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