This week has been an extra long one for me – which just means more pictures for you!!!  I usually always post my weekly iphoneography (love that word) pictures every Saturday or Sunday.  However, this week we went away for a long weekend and my internet signal was so poor  it would have been far too stressful to try and upload photos and blog!!  In a way it was a great way to step away from the computer and social media (apart from instagram of course) and just enjoy the weekend for exactly what it was meant to be ………. quality time with my family.  My cousin, LA, who lives in Melbourne, is the only family I have living in Australia and she her boyfriend, met us in Old Bar (NSW) for the long weekend.  We all had a fabulous time and I can’t wait for the next one!

Last weekend Master J had his 6th birthday party at the netball courts!  It’s the best place for biking, skating and scootering!  They had such a blast!!
The coolest ‘Penny’ ever!!  Mr D has even been doing a few tricks on it!  I’m not sure who’s the biggest kid sometimes??
Two parties in one day = total exhaustion!
Always smiling
Last Wednesday was Halloween and the kids were SO excited about going trick or treating (me – not so excited by the amount of sugar that came home!).  It was such a hot and humid evening that their make-up didn’t last long – it just melted into a sticky mess, but they didn’t care!!
Just one of the many reason why I love my 6am training sessions on the beach.  The sun rises are just AMAZING!!
Need I say more…..
Chilling on the beach whilst the kids run off that last bit of energy before the tea, bath, bed routine starts!
Mr D watching the whales!  Shame you cant see them in this picture but they have been around a lot this spring.  SO  incredible to see them playing in the ocean – we are very lucky!!
First morning in our holiday apartment.  It was very early and Master J and I were the only ones up to watch the sunrise and keep little Miss L entertained.  He did a great job!
LA bought the kids some interesting lollies!
Mr D doing some fishing!  I’m not sure how much fishing and how much beer drinking was being done!
Me and my littlest bubba
It wouldn’t be a trip up the NSW coast without sharing lunch with a pelican to two
Drinks on the water
Great cast!
My little fisherman!  He has learnt to cast out perfectly all by himself
While the boys were fishing in the mangroves, Miss H was playing in the mud!  She was absolutely in her element.
My beautiful family x
Me and my Miss H
More fishing!  MT managed to catch a stingray that was NOT very happy about being caught.  His sting tail was lashing around everywhere trying to get someone!  Luckily we managed to set him free before anyone was harmed.
Making snow angels in the sand!!
gangster girl
LA and Miss L chilling by the pool
An ice-cream stop on the drive home!
Like I said, lots of piccies this week.  I managed to take so many gorgeous ones that it was hard to select what to post, so I may have got a bit carried away.
Tomorrow it’s back to the grindstone of school and routine but no complaints from me after such a lovely weekend.  Best part is tomorrow (Wednesday) is my Monday this week!!!
I hope you’re all having a great week and thanks for stopping by xxx

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