I saw this on a friends Facebook and it made me chuckle!!  Anyway it really is May the fourth and time to post my last couple of weeks in pictures – love Instagram of course!!  I’m still just as addicted to Instagram as ever (although Candy Crush is coming in at a close second I’m ashamed to tell you).  I do love my Instagram update posts as it forces me to go back and look through the photos that I’ve taken over the last few weeks and they always make me smile!!  No matter how busy we get, there are always ‘moments’!!

So here they are:

A visit to Customs House in Sydney.   He was literally ‘walking’ over the city!
A rare ‘selfie’!  I still feel like such a twit taking pictures of myself, but you know…if I’m going to jump on this social media bandwagon I might as well do it properly!!!
Such cutie’s.  I love seeing my ‘baby’ starting to interact with other kids!  It still amazes me how quickly they develop.
This is my view on the drive to and from Master J’s school every day (I know, right!!!!).  This particular morning my dad, who’s visiting us from England,  wanted to stop and have a look.
Miss H having a milkshake with Grandpa!  I SO wish they lived closer!!!
For once I didn’t mind pushing her on the swing!!  With a view like that, how could I say no?
Another rare pic – me and Mr D!  You can tell my parents are visiting, as normal one of us is behind the lens.
Such a happy little beach baby 🙂
One of my favourite lunches – home made quiche (in my thermomix) and salad.  Let me know if you want me to blog the recipe??
Matching necklaces – these two are cuter than cute!!
I don’t mean to boast but LOOK how awesome our Autumn has been so far!!!!
I got caught out at the beach the other day and had no swimmers or towels (didn’t realise how warm it would turn out to be).  These two little monkeys didn’t care and were straight in…….
Play-dates in the school holidays are SO great!! (for me too – as the kids are entertained)
Check out my sunnie’s!!
Spending some quality time with Grandpa, learning how to fish.
It’s moments like these that make EVERYTHING worth while!!
A sneaky afternoon nap!
Spending the day with my mum and my girls x

Anyhoooo, that’s it for now.  I’m now off to enjoy my last glass of wine (or two) with my lovely mum and dad before they head back to London tomorrow (*sobs*).

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  1. Wow you have been busy!! What gorgeous photos! The first one made me smile and I love the one of them hanging off the tree branch. And you are very much a yummy mummy xx

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