It’s been absolutely ages since I posted an Instagram catch up of the all the random day to day photos I take on my iphone!  In fact I checked and it’s been 5 MONTHS!!  I started off so well posting a weekly instagram collage but clearly things have fallen by the wayside a bit!  Don’t worry though, I haven’t stopped taking instagram photos, I’ve just not been very good at posting them here.

A good friend of mine who I haven’t seen for weeks popped in for a cuppa this morning and she asked what I had been up to and I couldn’t think of a single thing!!  I’m so busy being busy that my days all start to blur into one after a while.  Does that happen to anyone else?

Anyway, before I ramble on too much for a Wordless Wednesday post, here are my best bits from the last few weeks – Love Instagram of course :))  Oh and I know it’s Thursday today but I was struck down by some horrible bug the last few days and I had the best intentions to post yesterday but all I managed was to stop the kids from destroying the house whilst I lay on the sofa!

These funny snails have been all over Sydney of late and we kept finding the yellow ones.  As cute as they are Miss H just wanted to find a pink one!!!  I finally found one outside the Star Theatre near Darling Harbour one evening and I had to take a picture for her.
Watching Greece at the Sydney Lyric Theatre.  If you get a chance to see it you must!!  It was FABULOUS!!
Nippers season is back on and this year we’re getting wet!!
The kids just LOVE getting mail in the post from England.  Soooo exciting!!

We got a new big trampoline a few weeks ago and Miss L has finally learnt how to jump!  She really wasn’t sure at first and the bouncy sensation under her feet freaked her out a bit to begin with.  Now the little devil climbs up by herself and bounces as far from my reach as possible just when I need to put her in the car for school pick up!!  I have to scramble up there and chase her round every time I want to go anywhere in the car.

Miss H did her first BIG school orientation yesterday and I have to admit that I might have welled up just a tiny bit.  God help me when she actually starts!!  She looked so much more grown up than I remember Master J being when he first started.  Fortunately the only tears where mine and she absolutely LOVED it.  She has the lovliest big buddy too who stayed with her all morning.

This is my local green grocer where I had to buy FOUR bunches of flowers the other day after Miss L decided to de-head them while I was choosing fruit!

The view from my glass of wine when I popped out for a mid week girls catch up the other day :))
Ballet is still her most favourite activity to do each week
cupcakes and blue eyes

I love having my little mini just ‘hanging’ with me during the day – especially when the big kids are at school.

I can never complain about the school run when this is my view
Growing so fast I can’t keep up!

So there you have it – a very random selection of photos indeed.

Do you take daily photos of all the stuff going on in your life?  My kids are so used to me taking photos of them that they say ‘cheeeeese’ even if I pick up my phone to answer an email!!

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4 comments on “A little bit of random. Love Instagram!”

  1. Gorgeous photos, especially those giant pink snails! I have so far managed to resist Instagram, but I’m so close to having a little peek at it. With Pinterest, Facebook and a blog I just don’t know how I can squeeze in any more screen time!

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