I don’t know about you, but each week on the run up to Christmas seems to be getting busier and busier!  There are just so many end of year parties, picnics, get-togethers and lunches that it’s nearly impossible to find a spare minute anywhere in the almost the whole of December!  Not to mention the Christmas card writing, shopping, cooking and Santa visiting to name a few other things to squeeze in.  Phew!!!! Makes me exhausted just thinking about it.  However there is just something magical about this time of year that puts everyone in such a good mood!  I love it.

It is funny though, how we are all so busy during the 11 months that run up to Christmas that we hardly have time for all these fabulous social get-togethers and then suddenly December arrives and we try to fit EVERYTHING into one month!!

Miss L has started teething this week and the poor little bunny has not been happy at all!  All red eyed and miserable and she still managed a little smile for mummy.
Late night cuddles with Daddy.
We had some pretty hot days last week and I just LOVE LOVE how easily I can whip up some fresh, delicious ice-cream in the thermomix for the kids in just a couple of minutes.  (I always have to remember to fill my ice trays with milk as well as water now)
Miss H and her little buddy enjoying the strawberry and kiwi ice-cream that they just helped me make.
An afternoon on the beach after school.  We are all really hanging out for the school holidays now.  I am so over the daily pick up and drop offs!!  Bring on the summer holidays.
Candy Bows and I have been very busy at the local Christmas Markets over the last couple of weekends.  Mr D has been rushing around with the big kids while I’ve had my little Market Hippy as company.  We’ve had an awesome time.
Little Market buddy
I had to take a picture of this little fella at Saturday’s Market!  Fabulous Christmas spirit!
Mmmmmmmm Candy Floss ( or Fairy Floss, depending on where you’re from).  I dread to think what it does to their teeth!!  He had to eat it so quickly as it melted quicker than ice-cream in the heat!
I was very proud of this home-made garlic and herb bread – pretty awesome if I say so myself.  Thanks thermi!!
You wouldn’t believe that the hugest storm EVER hit this beach about 15 minutes after I took this picture.
Such little darlings xxxxx

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