I’m so exited to be hosting the Digital Parents Blog Carnival this month – so much so that putting it together has been pushed right to the very top of my to-do list (which is very long, and often never ending believe me!).

I’ve been linking up and joining in the fun for quite a few months now, but this is the fist time I’m actually hosting it.  For those of you lovely readers who are not bloggers, the carnival is something that happens every month where a whole bunch of fabulous bloggers submit their month favourite or popular post that month.  It’s a total WIN WIN for everyone:  Bloggers get to meet other bloggers (which is awesome) and get more exposure to their blogs and for readers, well you just get to kick back, relax, grab a cuppa or a glass of wine (I know which I’d choose) and enjoy all the fabulous posts that I’ve I’m about to list for you.

Over and out (and of course thanks for having me)

Tucker Tuesday! Sticky Apricot Roast ChickenbyBecci Sundberg at Becci’s Domestic Bliss
Roast Chicken is a fave in our house. One way to change it up is the make my yummy Sticky Apricot Roast Chicken. Makes the most yummiest gravy too!

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How to cook turkey in an esky by Danya at Danya Banya
I’ll show you how to cook the most tender turkey you’ve ever tasted with your Esky, so you can impress your friends with your mad MacGyver cooking skills at your next dinner party.

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Simple Pleasures by Rachel at The Mid 30’s Life
Top 5 simple, and I suspect unoriginal, pleasures.

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He’ll Aways Be My Baby by Eva Lewis at The Multitasking Mummy
Our children grow up much too quickly and in this post, I talk about the emotions I had when our 2 year old son reached yet another milestone.

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Berryripe Slice by Madison at Sweet Natured Kitchen
No-bake, healthy, easy, berry and chocolate slice.

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How To Baste A Quilt by Tonya at A Crafty Mummy
Before you quilt a quilt, you have to baste it – and this is the quickest easiest way I have found to do it.

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One hour and forty-eight minutes that I will never get back by Georgia at Parental Parody
So I timed how long it took my son to choke/whine/swallow his way through a meal. One hour and forty eight minutes. For a meal that he scoffed, enjoyed and asked for more just a week earlier. I think he’s messing with me.

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My Friend Sue by Nicky Way at Nickywaywrites
Whether it’s a week or a few years, Sue and I always seem to pick up where we left off, that’s what’s awesome with good friends.

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Remembering These Things by Dida Sundet at Adventures in Jedi
An open letter to my son about some of the things I never want to forget.

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It’s not good enough. We need to do more. by Alison Hallworth at Talking Frankly
The information is there if you want to know

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Valentines Day in the Dadrites House by Alex Finlayson at Dadrites
Valentines Day just isn’t the same when you have kids is it? This is the story of a failed attempt at being romantic.

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Starry Collage Art for Toddlers by Essie at The Crowned Finch
Not for the glitter-averse! but this is a fun art activity that’s great for toddlers with developing fine motor skills. twinkle twinkle!

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Borderline: My Story by Tegan Churchill at Musings of the Misguided
The story of my life with Borderline Personality Disorder.

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Resilience by Kathy at Yinyangmother
Resilience is one of the most important things we can teach our kids. We want to protect them, but in helping them push through anxieties, we help them grow.

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The Marble Jar Rewards System For Kids (that works!) by Robyn at Mrs D plus 3
A brilliant way of rewarding children for good behaviour as way as discipline and teaching them to save – all rolled into one system!!

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The Healthy Lunchbox Guide by Nikki Boswell at The Kids Menu
The Healthy Lunchbox Guide is the ultimate tool for creating healthy, delicious lunchboxes for children of all ages, including healthy snack options, a 5 day lunchbox planner and over 10 healthy recipes.

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Strengthening your Core with Barbie by Pamela Talaue at Thyroid Living
Many women suffer lower back pain after having children and this is often due to forgetting to use our core muscles. Here are some exercises to help strengthen your core muscles.

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I don’t want to live an ordinary life by Kimberley at Melbourne Mum
I want to live an extraordinary life—I don’t feel like I was meant to be average. Last week I had a tantrum about it. I will probably do so again.

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Lizard Island gets a visit from Mamma Jake by Karen Morley at the Morley Report
A mother’s job never really ends does it.

Last October my son Jake left home to work on Lizard Island. Now I am not sure if you know much about Lizard Island butttt it’s where all the celebrities holiday and is very very special!

So it was my Mother’s Duty that I needed to go and pay that boy of mine a visit. Of course it was def to see him and had nothing to do with wanting to stay somewhere glamorous! Honest……

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Towels & Gym Bag Storage Ideas by Lisa at No Excuses!
There is never enough room in those shower cubicles, therefore bringing extra hooks to hang over the door or side walls of the shower cubicle is another way to use the small space to its full potential. Those tiny ledges or seats are not big enough, therefore using the hooks keeps towels from falling on the floor and clothing up away from the splashing of the shower area.

I empty what I need out of my bag first, push it as far as I can towards the doorway and drape my already half wet swimming towel over the edge of my bag to use as a floor mat and the dryer end of the towel is used as a cover.

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Blackberry & Orange Frangipane Tart by Tara at Gluten Free Hart
The most delicious tart you will EVER eat and it’s GLUTEN FREE!

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How being a Primary School Teacher can destroy your self-esteem by Michelle Weaver at Pinky Pointer
We teachers are sometimes ill-prepared for the comments flung at us by the students!

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My First Date by Emily at You Learn Something New Every Day
My first date wasn’t even mine! How does that work? IT DOESN’T. It’s. Just. Plain. Awkward.

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M&M Loaded Chocolate Chip Cookies by Lucy Mathieson at Bake Play Smile
Chocolate Chip Cookies that are absolutely loaded with M&Ms! Perfect for even the biggest chocoholic ever!!! 🙂

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That’s ALOT of Cow – 45 kilos to be exact! by Elise Ellabban at Mummy Hearts Money
Making the monthly grocery budget go that much further by purchasing beef in bulk. The nitty gritty breakdown, exactly what do you get?

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Family Fun in Sydney for $10 or less by Linda Anderson at Mums On The Go
When a large coffee sets you back $4 it seems inconceivable that you could have fun in Sydney for $10 or less, especially with children to entertain. With a little planning and creativity … you can!

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Goodbye, So long, Farewell by Rhianna at A Parenting Life
Saying goodbye is never easy, even when it is something you have regularly had to do. Sometimes it is harder than ever before

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Gripping Too Tight (and other nonsense) by Sophie at The Mother Load Australia
A little post about the surprising personality traits that are revealed in ourselves when we become a parent.

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Italian Lesson: The Language of Coffee by Lizzy Allan at the Muddle-Headed Mumma
Ever wondered how a cappuccino, a macchiato, an espresso or an affogato got their name? Look no further! (lesson # 4 in The Italian Lessons series on my blog).

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Separating Mum from Teacher by Melissa Puli at Two Little Humans and Me
Being a Mum is great reward. Being a teacher is fulfilling. What happens when it’s time to separate the two.

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The Masturbation Conversation by Michelle Lewson at They Call Me Mummy
“Masturbation. This word strikes fear in the heart of most parents. It’s the kryptonite of the parenting fraternity. When most parents look at their children, the last thing they want to think about is that they – gulp – masturbate.”

A hilarious story about my evolved parenting backfiring in the most…ahem… entertaining way.

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Why sleeping beside a turkey would be comfier than sleeping beside my one year old by Muvva at Blogging and Mum-ing – A Parental Odyssey
Ah! The joys of co-sleeping with a wriggly toddler! This post describes our morning ritual….

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Life Changing Career Shift: What would you do? by Carolyn Tate at Champagne Cartel
I was lucky enough to have one of those fork-in-the-road moments where I had to choose between my freelance career and the perfect job for me.

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FREE St Patricks Envelope Label Printable by Sarah Preston at TOMFO – Get organised and do more of what you love
Inspired by St Patricks day, this FREE printable features a 4 leaf clover and there’s a cute staying on the back too! Simply print out the labels, then cut and glue wrapping around an envelope. A great way to encourage letter writing with the kids and make someones day too!

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I’m a part of it too….. by Janet Rogers at Mum The Photographer
We all madly snap photos of our kids … but how often do we actually make a record of us being a part of it all too? This year I have a plan to be in photos with my children more!

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No-one can do it all.  You Have to make a Choice by Belinda Lechford at Life With Your Kids
No-one can do it all – we have to choose which are the best things for us to do at this season of our life.

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Unintentionally Intentional by Stephanie at Stephsjoy 
Life is too short, choosing the life we want to live rather than let the business of life take the lead.

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The Best Free Online Learning Sites by Tanya at Flood-Proof Mum
Discover some of the best sites to find free online courses.

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How to be charming & accept a compliment with grace by Denise Mooney at On Writing, Publishing and Freelancing
It’s never been one of my strengths, accepting compliments. When I was younger things could get decidedly awkward. I might mutter a thank you while averting my gaze. Or even worse, ignore or reject it altogether. I wish I could go back in time and give myself a slap across the chops for being so rude.

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Digital Parents Blog Carnival

Well that’s it from me.  Thanks again to all the fabulous bloggers who submitted posts.  I’m really excited to say that I have discovered half a dozen new blogs to follow just from hosting.

If you didn’t find something good to read or make you laugh in this bunch of brilliance then I might just eat my hat!!

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