It seems my favourite App has caused a bit of controversy over the past few weeks with the threat of selling our photos without permission.  I was horrified when I first discovered it and I’m guessing the rest of its billion users were too!  After a huge public uproar they very quickly retracted their statement, promising that our photos will be safe!  I certainly hope so!!

I did think very seriously about closing my Instagram account and kept a close watch on what everyone else was doing (and to be honest I’m still a little undecided).  I love the App, not so much for the ‘camera filers’, as you can pretty much find hundreds of Apps to do that now, but more for it’s social aspect.  It’s pretty damn addictive.  So my solution for now is to create a watermark for Mrs D (currently in progress) to brand all my online photos. Instagram – you have one more chance.  Don’t let me down!!!

With that aside, here is our Christmas week (or two):

Master J and Curly the dog

We moved into a friends beach-side home for the two weeks over Christmas and New Year to ‘house sit’ and look after Curly the dog whilst they are away.  Even though it was literally 15 minutes down the road from where we live, it has felt like a real break and was just like being on holiday (except that I could pop home every time we needed something – perfect).

Taking Curly Houdini for an early evening walk

We’ve re-named Curly the dog, “Curly Houdini” the greatest escaping dog!  Mr D repaired at least 3 holes in the garden fence and he still managed to find his way out!  Luckily he had his name and number on his tag because every time the kids yelled ” MUM! Curly’s escaped again!!!!” we knew we’ll get a phone call within half an hour to come and fetch him from somewhere!  We did have some major panic attacks the first few time he did a runner as we were supposed to be taking care of him and were wondering what on earth we would tell his mummy if we lost him???  However, we soon realised that most people in the neighbourhood were very used to a visit from Curly.  At about 9:30 on New Years Eve he did another disappearing act and we were all pacing up and down the street calling “Curly, Curly, Curly”, when the call came saying that he’d been found at Curly (ironically) Beach, which was a couple of beaches down from us.  I think he just wanted to join in the party.  The couple who found him had had a few too many drinks to drive (as had we) so they sent him back to us in a taxi!!!

Swimming with my boy in the parent/child relay

Master J finally managed to convince me to get into the water and race with him at swim club.  I think if I didn’t some of the other mums (not naming any names) might have picked me up and chucked me in!!  I must admit I was a bit nervous before my race (it’s been a loooooong while since I last swam any kind of distance).  I had last minute panics before I swam that I might not remember how to dive or that my boobs might fall out of my swim suit, or that I might belly flop!!!  (Not really the kind of things you want to happen with an audience).  Anyway I took a deep breath and dived in for my 50m swim and surprisingly, as I hit the water I found it quite exhilarating.  I sprinted the first 30 meters and then suddenly my fitness (or unfitness) levels kicked in and I felt myself huffing and puffing to the finish line.  I even managed to win!  The kids were SO thrilled that mummy won her race and it was an awesome feeling hearing them cheering from the sideline.

Miss L loving the water.  She’s definitely going to be a water baby like her sister
Master J and his best mate having fun after doing their fantastic swim club races
A pre-Christmas sausage sizzle for the opening of the new Swim/Surf Club building.  Santa even arrived on a fire engine doing Gangnam Style
Some obligatory christmas baking.  The best Rocky Road ever!!
Miss L’s first Christmas
The view from our ‘holiday’ house.  It really was spectacular
Boxing day movies (and a view)
Going for a long walk around the bottom of Long Reef Headland
Uh Oh – the quickest way to clear the beach

We were just chilling on the balcony having some lunch when Mr D spotted a helicopter, and then another, and then on the third sighting he jumped up and rushed off to get his binoculars (and he calls me a drama queen!!).  Whilst he and Master J were trying to work out what was going on, I got the lastet from Twitter that a there has been an attempted shark attack!  Master J was loving watching all the commotion (as was Mr D) and he kept shouting “Mum, I can see a fin!”.  Great!!!! – I’m pretty glad I was on the balcony and not in the water.

No one seems to be worried about the shark today!
Beach babies
I think this is my most favourite photo of 2012.  Caught purely by accident with my iphone.
Me and my gorgeous girls
Look what I’ve started……
Watching the Dee Why fireworks from our balcony.  We had the best view in town
New Year’s Day!  Nursing teeny tiny hangovers but loving the sunshine and some family time.  I couldn’t have asked for a better start to 2013
Love those happy little faces

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