Phew, I don’t even know where to begin with this week!!  Well………actually I do – My THERMOMIX arrived!!!  For those of you who have know idea what one is (don’t feel bad, I didn’t either until a few months ago), have a look at this post – The day the Thermomix visited my kitchen.  So far I have used it about 5 times every day and I just LOVE it.  I have seriously gone from the worlds most hopeless cook to being able to make just about anything!  And I’m having so much fun with it too!!  Mr D even baked his first ever cake (coconut and orange) and it was delicious.  I’ll try my best to not be one of those annoying people that just go on and on about what exciting things they’ve made in the thermomix, but I’m not making any promises!!

Isn’t she pretty??
I made cheese and red pepper (or capsicum as the Aussie’s call it) scrolls for lunch the other day – from scratch!!  They were SO delicious and so easy
Delegating!! He’s not as neat as me (carrot everywhere)  but at least I had my hands free!!
An absolutely exhausted and very grubby little lady.  She’d been building fairy gardens’ outside – something that I used to spend hours doing when I was her age.
A very happy Miss L being entertained by all the little school girls in the school playground at pick-up time.
A baby minor bird that fell out of the tree in the school playground.  Master J was desperate to take it home but I convinced him that if we put it back in the tree it’s mummy would come back for him.  I’m surprised the poor thing didn’t die of fright
My lovely parents enjoying the English Autumn.  I miss them so much
Such beautiful ballerina’s
I could stand and watch my babies sleep for hours (if I had the time)
Miss H’s most favourite thing to do – painting!!  I just wish she’d spent less time painting her body!!!
A typical school morning in the DB house  My two best babysitters helping me to get ready in the morning
How cute are these two??  Best friends since birth.

On Saturday night I had 7 kids on my own!!  I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a little hectic.  I had three boys, two little girls and two baby girls!!  At one point I was feeding Miss L and rocking Miss Y at the same time as reading little Miss H and Miss J a story.  I take my hat off to all mums of twins!!  I think the boys thought they were in 7th heaven because none of them went to sleep before midnight!!!

Four gorgeous girls in my bed!
On Sunday morning we were up with the cockatoos as I was taking Candy Bows to the Market.  I had the most beautiful spot right overlooking the lake and after my crazy Saturday night it was just what I needed.
Mr D and the girls helping me set up my market stall
Pretty CandyBows at the market

By the time Sunday evening arrived we were all so exhausted that ALL 5 of us were asleep by 8pm!  That’s 11 hours sleep!!!!!!!

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