So much goes on every week in our home that sometimes the days pass by in a giant whirlwind, and if you were to ask me what I did I would probably have no idea!! This morning I downloaded some photos off my phone (to make space as I have waaaay too many on there) and looking at them make me realise that quite a lot went down last week!! As it’s Wednesday today I thought I’d share some them with you.  A weeks worth of photos for Wordless Wednesday

I have to visit these shops more often than I’d like every week for bread and milk supplies!!  It is nice just having one little buddy with me instead of three!!
The tooth fairy had to make two visits in as many days!!  He looks kinda cute don’t you think??
She made a friend whilst mummy was shopping for new bed sheets.
Dance class is back after the holidays and she couldn’t be happier
Bad move leaving her with my flowers whilst I unpacked the car!
These three little cuties watching their big brothers do Saturday afternoon Nippers training.  Luckily the lifeguard didn’t need his board.
I REALLY need to find a new place to store the breakfast cereals.
My cousin came for a visit from Melbourne for a night.  The kids loved seeing their ‘cool’ aunty
Wave hopping with Dad
Cool as cucumbers (with my sunnies on!!)
Linking up today for Wordless Wednesday with the lovely Trish from My Little Drummer Boys.
Are you an iphone happy snapper too??
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10 comments on “A weeks worth of photos for Wordless Wednesday”

  1. I sure am an iPhone happy snapper, what a busy week, two teeth in one week!!! WOW. Love that she is back at dance, just started Maddi at Physie, see how she likes it. Those flowers ‘did’ look lovely. Thanks for reminder to DL them xxx

    • The third one is wobbly now!! Not sure how he’s going to talk – he already sounds a bit funny with that big gap, lol!! (mind you it could be quite peaceful for a while). xx

  2. Oh Robyn, these would have to be the most ADORABLE pictures ever! Look at those blue eyes on your little girl. So beautiful. It makes my heart sing seeing families keeping active. How old do the kids need to be in Sydney to join nippers?

    • Aw thanks Neets!! You have to have turned by October to join in. Master J has been doing it for 3 years now and loves it. Miss H can start next season although I’m not sure it’ll be her thing – we’ll have to see…….

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