Today is officially the first day of Autumn for us in the Southern Hemisphere.  I feel a little sad that summer is over and Sydney is doing her very best today to rub salt in the wound.  It’s grey, dull, raining cats and dogs and all round miserable out there – oh and not to mention chilly.

I’m cheering myself up with a little online shopping (sssshhhhhhh don’t tell Mr D) and some reminiscing over those gorgeous summer days that we had this year.

Here is my Sydney Summer………….

We didn’t go away this summer but I think that we are lucky enough to live in one of the BEST corners of the world for a ‘staycation’.
I do love Autumn too but I am most definitely a summer girl!!
What has been your best part of summer??  Or are you lucky enough to have summer just around the corner?

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7 comments on “A Sydney Summer 2013/14”

  1. Your roundup of photos look amazing and scream summer! I love the summer too. It’s still blazing hot here but I definitely prefer braving the heat to cold. Will be soaking the last remnants of sunshine too before the cooler weather arrives

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