I don’t feel like I have very much to show for this week.  I have been doing my Mummy role to it’s very best! Miss H had both me and Mr D awake most of Sunday night as she couldn’t sleep and just wasn’t herself.  Experience told me that I was heading for long week and how right I was!!  Poor little mouse woke up on Monday morning with a body temperature topping 40 degrees and by mid-morning I had been vomited on 3 times! (By the end of the day I’d had three showers too!!)

Tucked in on the sofa with her beloved ‘raggy-tag’

The next few days were spent cleaning up vomit, washing, trying to keep germs from spreading from one child to the next, lots of cuddling and tlc, washing, reading stories and LOTS of ‘Dora’ on the telly and oh did I mention – more washing!!

I left Miss L in her bumbo seat watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse whilst I was checking on a poorly Miss H upstairs.  I came back down again to find her slumped over and fast asleep!!  It was so cute I couldn’t help but chuckle and take this picture before transferring her to her cot.

Just as things started to improve and Miss H was starting to get that little spring back in her step, drama number two started!  I was hanging the washing outside when she skipped over and told me “Mummy I just ate a magnet!”  “What do you mean you ate a magnet??”  I asked (surely she wouldn’t have?? Surely!).  “I put it on my tongue like this” (she demonstrated with another one of Master J’s magnets) “and then it went in my foot and then in my eye and then under my chin (like this – demonstrating again) and now it’s in my tummy!!  She was very matter of fact about it too!  “Did you really???” I asked again, desperately trying to get a serious answer (never knowing whether to believe all their stories) “Mummy won’t be cross!” I coaxed her.  “Yes!” She said!  “But why did you do that H??” I said – “what a silly thing to do!!”  “Because I was hungry” she told me, before disappearing back inside.

Can you spot the magnet??
Beautiful bubba.  Passed out on the bed while I was folding washing
She can literally sleep anywhere!!  Must be third child syndrome
A family of elves!! (Master J’s new favourite thing to do is play with the photo-booth on our iMac!  Aren’t Apple clever?)
6:30 am high tide!  I still managed to squeeze in some ‘me’ time this week with a couple of beach training sessions

Next week Master J turns six!!  Wow, can you believe I’ve been a mummy for six years!!!!!!!

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