Anyone living in Sydney would know that last week was a HOT one!  Summer really has started with a bang that’s for sure.  This is only our second summer in Aus and according to the locals, last summer was appalling.  Being British, I of course, thought it was fabulous!  It might have had something to do with the fact that I was pregnant throughout last summer that I found it so hot – or maybe just because anything above 25 degrees for more than three days in a row is amazing!!  Anyhow it did not leave me prepared for the kind of heat that we had last week!!
Look at Saturdays temps!!!  And all that rain, only fell at night when we couldn’t get to appreciate it (except for the grass)
The extreme humidity and high temperatures had us all feeling a bit irritable – especially me and the kids.    I had to explain to Mr D (through gritted teeth) that sitting on a hot (yet air conditioned) bus to and from the city is NOT worse than we have it!!  I had to gently remind him that while he was sitting in a lovely cool air conditioned office, I’m at home wishing I could get away with walking around naked like the kids do!!
Every time I get in and out of the car (which is about 10 times a day) I can feel the sweat tricking down my back.  Aaaarh, it’s so gross!!  No matter where you go you can’t seem to find any cool air.  By the time the air con in the car has actually kicked in I’m getting out again!!
On the plus side – the sun has got his hat on and the beaches around here are spectacular!  And so are the night time thunder storms!  There is nothing better than listening to the thunder and hearing the pouring rain crashing down on the patio roof after a really hot and sticky day.  The breeze is orgasmic – really!!
How lucky I am that this is a typical Wednesday afternoon (after school) visit to the beach??
A little bit of cheeky skinny dipping to cool off
Reading the newspaper while mummy has a girly gossip with a good friend (in the shade of course).
Paddling pools are the BEST!

Despite the extreme heat, our first week of summer has been all smiles!!  Little Miss L decided to sit up all by herself!!  A big moment for her, and Miss H and Master J were so excited that she can now sit and play with them.  It’s so cute seeing them all starting to interact together.  I, on the other hand, felt a teeny tiny bit emotional that my baby is moving on to the next stage already.  They really do just grow up so fast!!

Feeling very pleased with herself!

On Saturday we also put up our Christmas Tree!  I have been dying to put it up for ages, but am too scared to do it before the 1st of December as I have an irrational fear that bad luck will follow.  I’m not sure where that came from??

Earlier in the week I had a moment where I was feeling a bit lost in all the Christmas hype.  I suddenly realised that for the first time EVER I would not be spending Christmas without my parents!  It’s just going to be the 5 of us this year and I don’t have a plan!!  As silly as it sounds I kind of feel a bit stuck between English traditions and Aussie traditions and I’m not quite sure where to place us.  I’m so used to having a big family Christmas Day (in the freezing cold) that I didn’t know what to do this year!

After watching the kids get so excited surrounded by decorations, I gave myself a stern talking to and have decided that this is the year to start some new Christmas traditions that are just for us!!

The OCD in me had to really try hard not to totally re-do the tree once they had gone to bed
My next hurdle is to tackle the Christmas shopping!!  How is everyone else doing??  Are you organised or have to left it a little bit to the last minute like me??
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