Mrs D plus 3 taking stock

Taking stock. November 2014 (with video)

It’s been three months since I last did a little ‘taking stock’ on my life and I promised myself I’d do it more often. Also, I wrote this yesterday while I was suffering from a severe self-inflicted hangover, and it was nice to write something that didn’t require too much brain power. So here goes…….. […] Read more…

mrs d plus 3 Sculptures by the sea 2014

Bondi with the kids (with video)

We’re been making more of an effort to have ‘family’ time recently.  Time where we’re all together without any screens.  It’s amazingly good for the soul. I hope you enjoy this little video as much as I did making it. Will you be getting any family time this weekend?? If you’re in Sydney keep cool […] Read more…

Collaroy Beach playground 1

Collaroy Beach playground – new and improved

Collaroy Beach playground has got to be my all time favourite on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.  I’m actually not the biggest fan of playgrounds.  After nearly 8 years of pushing kids on swings, trying my best to catch every ‘watch this Mum’ moment, dealing with countless meltdowns and refereeing a few kids ‘scraps’, I am somewhat over them!! […] Read more…

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