when life throws you a curve ball

When life throws you a curve ball

Last week I wrote about the tough decision I made to move both my kids from the school they’re currently settled at, to a totally new school next year. We’d all just about got our heads around the decision, and Josh, who totally freaked out at the first mention of it, was actually starting to do […] Read more…

sometimes mums make mistakes

Sometimes mums make mistakes

As a mum I have to make decisions for my kids on a daily basis, especially as they’re not old enough yet to make a lot of them for themselves.  I don’t always get it right and suffer the mummy guilt consequences for a while before we all get over it and move on.  However, there […] Read more…

mrs d plus 3 Sculptures by the sea 2014

Bondi with the kids (with video)

We’re been making more of an effort to have ‘family’ time recently.  Time where we’re all together without any screens.  It’s amazingly good for the soul. I hope you enjoy this little video as much as I did making it. Will you be getting any family time this weekend?? If you’re in Sydney keep cool […] Read more…

New kittens

We have two new editions to the family

It seems I may have got two new babies while Mr D has been away on a business trip………Ooops!! So it’s an interesting story really. I’ve desperately wanted a kitten for ages and now that we’re nice and settled I though it was the perfect time.  However Mr D wasn’t so keen, and our landlord […] Read more…

josh turns 8 double scoop

Master J turns 8

  We’ve been counting down the days until we got to today since forever!  I’m sure we started n the 100’s but at looooooong last, my gorgeous boy has turned 8. Birthdays are such a huge deal when you’re a kid and all you want to do is get to the next one, literally the second […] Read more…

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