thermomix guilt free chocolate

Thermomix GUILT FREE chocolate

Becoming a dairy free household has not been the easiest conversion.  I mean coffee without milk is like drinking gin without tonic!!  Almond milk is growing on me, I’ll admit, but I’m still not loving it.  The hardest part of all is not being about to eat CHOCOLATE!! Read more…

Yo-yo biscuits thermomix

Thermomix easy peasy YO-YO biscuits

We’ve just made it through the first week of the schools holidays!  I say made it as it’s not been the easiest week, with freezing, rainy Sydney weather and sick and vomiting kids!! It’s not been all bad though and to keep busy we have done A LOT of baking. This morning Lexi-Rose wanted to […] Read more…

thermomix vanilla butterfly cupcakes 1

Thermomix vanilla butterfly cupcakes

I saw a recipe for vanilla butterfly cupcakes on Kidspot the other day and they really reminded me of my childhood.  It also made me realise that I have never actually made my kids butterfly cupcakes before or even the classic cream and jam victoria sponge cake either. Every kid has to have butterfly cupcakes, it’s sacrilege! Yesterday […] Read more…

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