Thermomix Recipes

Thermomix healthy hedgehog slice

Thermomix Healthy Hedgehog Slice

Healthy no bake slices are the BEST, especially if (like me) you get sudden chocolate cravings at night and really don’t want to tuck into the kids lollie bags which are stashed at the back of the fridge. This thermomix hedgehog slice is one of my favourites because it literally takes 10 minutes to make. […] Read more…

thermomix guilt free chocolate

Thermomix GUILT FREE chocolate

Becoming a dairy free household has not been the easiest conversion.  I mean coffee without milk is like drinking gin without tonic!!  Almond milk is growing on me, I’ll admit, but I’m still not loving it.  The hardest part of all is not being about to eat CHOCOLATE!! Read more…

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