Milo and Alfie British short hair cats

My Newest British Blue Kitten

I’ve also been a cat person.  I’ll probably end up ‘the crazy old cat lady’ when I’m a grandma! We got Milo, our beautiful British Blue just over a year ago and I adore him.  He’s a pretty typical aloof male cat and will give me the brush off at a moments notice but I’m […] Read more…

thermomix guilt free chocolate

Thermomix GUILT FREE chocolate

Becoming a dairy free household has not been the easiest conversion.  I mean coffee without milk is like drinking gin without tonic!!  Almond milk is growing on me, I’ll admit, but I’m still not loving it.  The hardest part of all is not being about to eat CHOCOLATE!! Read more…

feet in sand

A seriously OVERDUE catch up!

Well it’s been that long since I last wrote a blog post that I’ve almost forgotten about my poor, neglected baby. Lots has changed in the dB household of late and I am still trying to figure out how to get on top of everything.  Living in a whirlwind of chaos is not doing wonders for […] Read more…

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