Easter egg brownies in thermomix 1

Easter egg brownies

Easter came a little early to our house when I surprised my kids with these yummy chocolate Easter egg brownies in their school morning tea box last week.  I think Hollie died and went to chocolatey heaven.  “Mum!  Where did you get those chocolate egg cakes??”  She asked the second she saw me after the bell […] Read more…

anxiety in kids

Anxiety in kids

My 8 year old son has suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember.  Only I didn’t recognise it as that until much more recently.  I am now slowly starting to gain the knowledge and tools I need to help him (and us) cope. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that a kid like […] Read more…

Thermomix chilli con carne

Thermomix Chilli Con Carne recipe

After doing a little survey on my Facebook Page about what recipes my readers would love to see on here, there was an overwhelming response for just one thing………DINNERS!! Having to cook dinners for the family every single night can be so boring, especially when you’re constantly trying to think of new things to cook.  Kids […] Read more…

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